3 Vineyards of Pinot Noir in Magrie

Lying around the village of Magrie, next to Roquetaillade, 3 vineyards of a total of 3ha of excellent Pinot noir have been used to make red wine for more than 20 years.

The first selections are used to create sparkling wine and the remaining grapes are left to further ripen for the exceptional Pinot noir wines.

For this reason, there are several periods of picking, like at Sauternes. Picking for the sparkling wine starts 2 weeks after the onset of ripening, when all the grapes have become dark purple and the average potential degree of alcohol is at 10,5 – 11 %.

This method of picking prioritizes acidity.

The pickers choose the biggest grapes, those that touch each other, those at the bottom of the vine, leaving only exposed grapes of medium size. The vines begin to lose their leaves to complete their slow maturation in the September sun, and to accumulate anthocyanins, that give their colour, tannins and structure to make ideal red wine.

An idealistic dream and a technique that has been used for 20 years at the domain, which remains unique at Languedoc Rousillon and very rarely used by any other domain in the world.