Vin Bio Aude


A rare blend of Cabernets Franc and Sauvignon, without any woodiness!


Ageing without wood, sulfite-free in vats and jars for the sole purpose of upholding the fruitiness of this very rare mix of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, picked when ripe, made sulfite-free and that has no need for any make-over.


2/3 Cabernet Franc and 1/3 Cabernet Sauvignon.


Vineyards at La Bourdette, across from the Roquetaillade castle. The Atlantic varieties grow extremely well in this region at altitude in the upper valley of the Aude, that benefits for the end-of-season sunshine and fresh air, allowing the grapes to ripen well every year.


High density (for South of France) with 5 000 vines/ha. High trellising (2 metres high like in Alsace) for large leaf canopy (leaves are energy absorbers!). Organically grown since 2009. Biodynamic compost is used. A lot of care is taken all year round, and the grapes are hand-picked late in the season when fully ripe into small cases of 15kg to avoid any squashing.


Destemming without crushing then sorted by vibration and air-blowing and the vat is filled by gravity (conveyor belt) for whole-berry fermentation allowing gentler extraction and avoiding too much tannin. Long cuvaison with little intervention.


No barrels or any wood, only in vats and jars for the Cabernet Sauvignon juice. Racking completed with neutral gas to avoid oxidation. Bottled in August and ageing in bottles in our cellars in Limoux.

Tasting note

This wine is beautifully dressed in a somber lucid coral colour. The nose explodes with red fruit, with a touch of violet. The mouth is gourmand and silky. The wine increases in amplitude, lightly spiced, with a perfect harmony. The smoothness, balance, freshness and spice are the key words of this surprising wine situated between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.


Serve at 16° with a cold meat platter: ham, black pudding, pate, roasted poultry.