Vin Bio Aude

Cabernet Sauvignon

A Cabernet Sauvignon from Piedmont Pyrenees


Softness, balance, freshness and spice are the keywords of this surprising wine that is grown between the Atlantic (ripe and fruity) and the Mediterranean (fresh and less alcohol). It is worth noting that we only find this level of silkiness in the biggest vintages of Medoc, once per decade or in Tuscany.


100 % Cabernet Sauvignon. The Atlantic varieties grow perfectly in our fresh climate at altitude in the upper valley of Aude that benefits from a moderate climate that allows them to ripen well every year, like the exceptional vintages in Bordeaux.


Relatively young vineyard planted in 2001 with a mix of the best clones that exist for Cabernet Sauvignon, situated at La Bourdette opposite to the Roquetaillade castle.


High density (for South of France) with 5 000 vines/ha. High trellising (2 metres high like in Alsace) for large leaf canopy (leaves are energy absorbers!). Organically grown since 2009. Biodynamic compost is used. A lot of care is taken all year round, and the grapes are hand-picked late in the season when fully ripe into small cases of 15kg to avoid any squashing.


Destemming without crushing then sorted by vibration and air-blowing and the vat is filled by gravity (conveyor belt) for whole-berry fermentation allowing gentler extraction and avoiding too much tannin. Long cuvaison for almost 2 months at relatively low temperature also to avoid excessive extraction.


10 months in new and 1 year in old oak barrels.


Alcohol: 13,4%; Total acidity: 3,29g/l; pH 3,64.


Available vintage: 2013. To accompany rare red meat: rib of beef, duck fillet.