Vin Bio Aude

Pinot Chardonnay

The 'flagship cuvée' made for more than 35 years!


Unchanged recipe made without exception with the best varieties of grapes for the greatest classic sparkling wine. The Tradition is serious alternative to good artisans' champagnes.


An uncompromised mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, without a doubt the best varieties of grapes for the classic sparkling wine.


Grapes from the vineyards of the domain only, organically grown. The upper valley of the Aude benefits from an ideal climate, thanks to its altitude and proximity to the Pyrenees, allowing the grapes to obtain a perfect balance between acidity and fruitiness. No added sugar or acidification is necessary; it is only the date of picking that determines the perfect balance.


Pressing of whole-grapes and selection of first-run juice only: i.e. 50 litres from 100 kg of grapes. Fermentation in vats then mixing of wine from the reserve kept in oak barrels (old wood).


Second fermentation in bottles and ageing with lees in piles for at least 3 years (traditional method). Tilted and shaken to remove sediment before corking. The date of the removal of sediment is indicated on the label of the bottle. This wine receives a small dose of around 5 g of sugar per litre maximum.


Alcohol: 12%; Total acidity: 4,50 g/l; pH: 3,05.

Tasting note

At its best at about 6 months after the sediment is removed. Outstanding and precise balance between roundness, light fruitiness and freshness. Subtle notes of smoke providing for a great complexity. Very charming and ripe Chardonnay from South of France. The Pinot brings a great structure. Fine and regular bubble, golden bright color with ruby hints, fresh in the nose, floral (rose, elderberry), fruitiness (apple, pear, quince and dried apricot); light smoky, sweet spices. In the mouth, generous and harmoniously well structured, roundness, fruitiness, freshness, length of lemon and exotic fruit, salty final note.


Aperitif or special occasions, at the start of a meal, shellfish, seafood, sushi, fish, grilled sole, Lemon chicken, Comté (hard cheese), carpaccio of pineapple with cinnamon.