Fenouillèdes vineyards

"I've always loved the upper Agly Valley vine-scape stretching from Maury to Feilhuns. When I found out masses of vines were being pulled up destroying these beautiful vineyards, I kept going back to find the best parcels, which led to me acquiring vines in the Fenouillèdes in 2006. These aren't in one spot on an estate with a pathway leading to a shaded manor; but my kind of vineyard with cute little plots here and there, lying between Saint Paul and Caudiès de Fenouillèdes at the feet off an old Roman road running from the sea to the north of the Pyrenees and Carcassonne.

Since 2006, I've breathed life back into these vines, replaced missing ones and converted over to organics. I didn't want to make fundamental changes to this stunning wine-land, and kept production low by short pruning to get concentrated bunches. The wines are surprisingly natural and refreshing, as I was hoping from this other 'high valley' between Corbières and Pyrenees. In 2012, I started doing selective hand-sorting in the field to ensure only perfectly healthy grapes arrived at the winery; and, through impeccable hygiene, eliminate spoilage bacteria and make my first sulphite-free wines without any off-flavours sometimes found in natural wines.

This is the only way to make sure this type of wine will stand up to air and last. This is very different from 'letting nature take its course'."