Wine is a family tradition

His ancestors, on his mother's side, were already grape growers in Cumières (Champagne) in the 19th Century: the Dupont, Louis and Martin families.

"My grandfather on my mother's side, Louis Dupont, was a winegrower and made his own Champagne in the 1930s. He founded one of Champagne's first cooperatives in 1936; a resistance hero, he never returned from the camps leaving 5 children behind. But I knew my other grandfather Alfred Denois well, who was a cyclist when young and passed on this taste for individual endeavor. A Champagne grower and winemaker too with his horse always at his side, he'd spend all day in the field and bring back dandelions that grew among organically farmed vines without even knowing it!"

Jean Louis Denois has 3 children: Charles (20), Chloé (16) and Louis born in early 2013.
Charles is currently studying hospitality management in Nîmes and Chloé is at Limoux high school.