From grape to glass

Noble varieties

The estate is mainly planted with Chardonnay across 11 ha and 8.5 ha of Pinot Noir, 6.5 Syrah, 4.5 Merlot, 2 Cabernet-Sauvignon, 1 ha Cabernet Franc and the same of Chenin blanc. Finally, a little Muscat and 1 ha of Grenache in Caudies de Fenouillet complete this collection of noble grapes, for fleshing out a full range of different wines.

Pinot Noir, a red variety with colourless sweet juice, produces compact tight bunches. It likes chalky soils, where it expresses fine mineral characters, and makes great wines with lively colour and red fruit aromas. This refined variety is very much at home in cool late-ripening sites and makes lovely red wines every year.

Chardonnay, originally from Burgundy, has golden berries and elongated bunches that are better aerated than Pinot Noir. It's made a name for fine Burgundy whites and Champagne, giving rich full-bodied wines with powerful complex aromas.

Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon are also well suited to this climate. The latter is a late-ripening variety needing a longer maturation period than Merlot, and just gets ripe with the first cool nights of September and October. It gives the wines length and firm structure, developing very characteristic black fruit aromas and complex flavour profile over time. Merlot naturally complements it, well known for its fine rounded full-bodied character. Cabernet Franc has great potential for elegance.